Do not Call Registration Page:

If you have received a call from Financial Media Group, LLC regarding an insurance industry offer, and you wish to stop and discontinue any future calling please enter your phone number in the space provided below. By providing your number you will be permanently removed from our database under the phone number provided.

Please be aware that if you have provided more than one number to a state licensing bureau, that number (unless also provided) may continue to receive calls.


Enter your 10 digit phone number.
Example. 9994441234.
Numbers only, no 1 before the area code.


All calls placed by Financial Media Group, LLC are in full compliance with state and federal communications law. The purpose of our calling is not to sell goods or services of any kind. Your phone number has been registered in our system as a business phone number, and the purpose of our calling is a business to business call. Business to business calls are exempt from the DNC regulations, and the FCC’s “Telemarketing Sales Ruling” TSR.

Financial Media Group, LLC conducts calling on behalf of companies within the financial services industry. Financial Media Group, LLC has no interest or desire to transmit calls to individuals who do not wish to receive these calls, or individuals that are no longer active within the financial services industry. If you have received calls from us, and do not wish to receive calls in the future, please use this form to remove your name from our database. All submissions are responded to promptly, but please allow up to ten days for your request to be processed.